Diverse User Groups

The new site needed to engage students, parents, and educators. Because HECUA was open to taking risks with the design, we had the freedom to create a user interface that enticed students to explore. Users can dig as deep into a program as they’d like without getting confused or lost in the site architecture.

The team at St. Paul Media were a delight. They guided us through a complete website redesign, involving the whole staff skillfully and effectively in multiple feedback sessions. Everyone on staff felt heard during the design process–no simple feat!–and we're thrilled with the site's appearance and improved functionality. In addition to the new and improved site design, the St. Paul Media team built out a sophisticated integration with our database. The automation they created has saved us hours of staff time in the last few months alone. We couldn't be happier with the result.

Laney Ohmans, HECUA Marketing and Communications Manager