One of the greatest strengths St. Paul Media brings to the table is their design process. It is very detailed and well laid out, so the client has a solid grasp on how things will work and where they are in the process, but it’s also flexible enough to deal with issues that arise along the way. This process enables St. Paul Media to come to a very good understanding of the organization (which of course is key to the design and development of a website that works well for the client), manage relationships and input from multiple stakeholders, test design elements and make modifications along the way, and carry out complex projects with lots of moving parts.

Marisa Geisler, Operations Manager | ATLAS

UX + Taxonomy

The taxonomy of the resource directory relied heavily on a thorough content audit and required rethinking of how resources were categorized. Twelve resource libraries were eventually identified and connected to Key Activity information elsewhere on the website. Each of these was assigned a pictograph and color to establish visuals patterns throughout the website.


In 2021 ATLAS approached us to design a logo that embodied their values of community, leadership, innovation, and strength. They wanted the logo to fit within the user interface and existing brand we had built for the website. The logo also needed several lockups with and without the Hamline University brand.