A New Member of the Family

Barely two weeks ago, my wife and I decided to add another member to our family. Her name is Rosie and she is a pug we rescued. In the rescue world, pugs are not difficult to find homes for; they’re a very popular breed. So, when I say she was rescued, I say that knowing that she hardly needed rescuing at all.

Nevertheless, we wanted a younger pug to give our older pug, Rocky, some much needed company. He is at the age where he has grown overly comfortable. He’s starting to put on weight and he doesn’t listen as well as he used to. So, we decided to mix things up a little bit. Rosie might have a face only a mother could love, but she is a breath of fresh air, and a welcome addition to our family.

And, so, in the spirit of the season, we wish you a happy New Year. May all your bowls be full and your beds be cozy and warm.